Unexpected keyframing in the size position rotate filter

Hello everyone. How sure how to properly describe this issue. I’ll try to add some screenshots for illustration.

Sometimes when I use the keyframing feature of a filter (size position rotate), I get some unexpected transitions BETWEEN the keyframes. For example if I set the first keyframe to position a clip at (0,0) and the next keyframe to position (0,100), I’m basically expecting the clip to move straight down by about 100 pixels. This doesn’t happen though. the clip movement starts at (0,0) and ends at (0,100), but when between these two point the clip movement would go to (10, -30), which is weird, before going to (0, 100).

Here’s what I expected: (0,0) → (0,100)
Here’s what actually happens: (0,0) → (10, -30) → (0, 100)

And this is just a simplified example. I’ll show some screenshots of what I’m looking at.
The 2 keyframes I’m showing are identical, so this means that the clip show not move from one keyframe to the next. But when I put the play head in between the 2 keyframes, I’m getting movement and zooming… Sorry for the typos I’m tired

Il semblerait que vos images-clés soient réglées sur “Aplanir”

It looks like your keyframes are set to « Flatten"

My keyframes are set to “smooth”. Is that what it means in french?

Try to set them to Linear

Yes I see. I set one of the keyframes to linear and it works fine without the weird unexpected movements. Thanks!

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