Undoing the deletion of a video track doesn't restore its Filters

After mistakenly deleting a Video track in the Timeline, the Undo did restore the track and all the clips, but lost all the clips’ individual Filters.

With the simple click of a mouse on the wrong option, an entire Video track got deleted. Thankfully the Undo button retrieved most of it, but all the individual filters were cleared out, so it took tons of work to recreate and remember each of their settings.

This is why I save save often. Then all you need to do is reload the .mlt

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if it’s any consolation, this “bug” (although some people dispute it) is still here in Oct 2022

As Steve_Ledger suggested, your only salvation is to Ctrl-S like mad, just like the old days when Microsoft Word didn’t have an auto-save feature

But this problem with Shotcut is much more insidious, because if you hit Ctrl-Z or click the Undo button by mistake, then all the filter work you’ve just done (be it seconds or hours) on all the clips before the latest Save would be destroyed, without a warning

It’s truely amazing that the entire SC community took so long to recognize this bug as sufficiently serious so as to push the development team to make it a priority?

Ok since I could not get undo working perfectly for every minute action, I will consider to completely remove that feature. It’s all or nothing! Since Shotcut is volunteer work and open source, someone else can do it.

You mean you consider removing Undo/Redo completely?

I know it can be infuriating when people use poor choice of words to express their opinions, but it’s a minority who acts like this. This problem with Undo and keyframes can be annoying, but a lot of us have learned to live with it. If there is no solution for now, the majority will understand.