Undoing Simple Keyframes Turns On Advanced Keyframes

Do a simple keyframe animation. Deselect the clip or click away from the clip then select the clip again. Reset the simple keyframe to the start of the clip so as to undo the animation. This turns on advanced keyframes. Demo.

Any update on this one?

Thanks for the report. I also reproduced this.

This is fixed for the 21.08 release

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@brian I checked the latest build and while it has been fixed on Size, Position & Rotate this bug is still happening on Corner Pin, All of the 360 filters with the exception of Rectilinear to Equirectangular Mask and Stabilize and Crop: Rectangle.

@brian, there is another issue I found. It seems that the fix you did for Size, Position & Rotate affected the default buttons for the Position and Size parameters. Those buttons no longer work.

Thanks for the thorough testing. I confirm your findings. Iā€™m going to revert the previous fix and I will work on a more comprehensive fix.

I think I have a better fix for this for the filters you listed. If you can test again, it would be much appreciated. Each filter is implemented differently and requires a different solution. Let me know if you find any others.