Undo button causes Shotcut to mess/mix up timeline clips or crashes, or even both chronologically

I had a problem when I pressed CTRL + Z to undo and it suddenly freezes, crashes and when I reopened it, the timeline was a mess. Thankfully it was just the first few clips. On r/shotcut which is a reddit for this app, some people have this problem too last year, but it was never fixed.

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What version of Shotcut are you using?

More steps are required because given the information I do not reproduce a problem. There are many variations of undo.

Well, I made some mistakes and wanted to undo a few steps, so I press CTRL+Z a few times, then it was unresponsive. Afterwards, it crashes. When I reopened the app and opened up the auto-save, the first few clips were put somewhere at the middle and end of the timeline.

I think 19.9, I am going to update to check if it is resolved. I’ll keep you guys updated once I check if there is still the same problem.