Underwater Color Correction

Here’s my Shotcut channel dedicated to underwater (scuba) related video. The main focus is on simple Color Correction techniques for divers.

Sample Video:



I really enjoyed that dive. Without getting wet :laughing:

I appreciate the syncing of video with the musical changes of mood, for example at 1:10. Simple, yet so effective.

Many thanks @jonray - your transition tutorials have been hugely helpful, especially the write-on tutorial that I’ve been using for family videos.

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Nice work. :+1:

Just one point of constructive criticism if I may, your audio is too loud.
Even YT is limiting you by just under 2.5dB.
Without going into the whole LUFS thing for YT, you may want to try just applying a simple -3dB gain filter on your audio.

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Much appreciated Paul - I’ve never really played with the audio filters. I’ll look to add that to my goto filters.

Would the audio meter help me to spot excessive volume - peaking at amber/red?

Well, it ain’t as easy as that.
These days the standard is to use LUFS and not RMS.
Youtube does have certain specs such as target LUFS, max TP (True Peak) and other confusing parameters if you are not used to them.

Last time I checked, it was -16 LUFS for YT, they may have changed it.

You have two options really, learn about the whole LUFS thing or, if you only want to look
at the old fashioned peak meters, aim for around -12dB.
By the time it hits orange or red, it’s already far too loud.

Provided your sound track is not too dynamic, with widely varying peaks, you should be OK for the most part.

Should you wish to learn to whole LUFS thing, recommended but certainly not essential,
Shotcut does have support for working/normalizing/monitoring in LUFS.


I’ve just Googled it. Wish I hadn’t!! Thanks - a whole new area to study!

I did warn you. :rofl:

Don’t stress about it.
If, you want to learn more about it, then start slowly and one step at a time.
It really isn’t a train smash if you don’t.

Just stick to the -12dB I mentioned and you will be fine.
Rather concentrate your efforts on making more videos like you did. :+1:

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Thank you very much @robmason! Glad to know they have been of use.

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