Understanding the project file

Infrequently I look into the project file to check if changes in my project got correctly stored. Not that I (need to) understand all that’s in there in detail, I stumbled about some odditites:

  1. No matter what video mode I set, the first part of the “profile description” is always <profile description=“PAL 4:3 DV or DVD” … followed by what looks like the correct specs of the specified video mode, even if not related at all to “PAL 4:3”, for example one of my custom video modes:

    Should I be worried about this mismatch? It would be nicer if the description actually listed the correctname of the selected video mode.

  2. The title = in line 2 and further down in the “playlist” sometimes don’t match, if I edited the project with different versions. Does this have any effect?


This is an unimportant artifact that happens for legacy technical reasons.

Only the “title” in in the <mlt> tag matters to Shotcut to help it understand what version was used for very specific error handling when you try to open a project in an incompatible old version. The other title is not important and also occurs for legacy technical reasons.

OK, I understand - thanks.
One more inconsistency I found along the way:
If I define my own videomode on machine A, the mode is correctly displayed with a bullet at Settings / Videomode /Custom / .
However if I edit the same project on machine B (where I don’t have specified - yet), videomode is marked to be “automatic” when opening the same project.
Luckily it doesn’t seem to affect the mode properties written to the project file, so it’s more of a visual thing.
Is there a way to determine the actual properties of the current videomode without looking into the project file?

In Timeline, select Output and view Properties. If no Timeline is being used: Settings > Video Mode > Custom > Add… defaults from the current video mode.

Great - a bit hidden, but hopefully I will remember when I need it :slight_smile:

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