Unable to undo single keyframe control point


I use shotcut 24.01.28.
When using the “size, position & rotate” filter, I can’t undo single keyframe control point. For example, I did some modifications in timeline and switch to the SPR filter. If I add 3 keyframe control points and hit the undo, it will undo all the 3 keyframes added instead of undo the last 1 keyframe.
Seems that all the keyframe changes after switching to the filter will be reverted with a single undo.

I believe this is intentional, only 1 undo is available per consecutive filter changes in order not to spam the history to a point where it would be unusable (for example using the mouse wheel to change the value of a number would require tens of Ctrl+Z to fully undo).

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There is no undo for keyframes; it is on the Shotcut - Road Map