Unable to undo single keyframe control point


I use shotcut 24.01.28.
When using the “size, position & rotate” filter, I can’t undo single keyframe control point. For example, I did some modifications in timeline and switch to the SPR filter. If I add 3 keyframe control points and hit the undo, it will undo all the 3 keyframes added instead of undo the last 1 keyframe.
Seems that all the keyframe changes after switching to the filter will be reverted with a single undo.

I believe this is intentional, only 1 undo is available per consecutive filter changes in order not to spam the history to a point where it would be unusable (for example using the mouse wheel to change the value of a number would require tens of Ctrl+Z to fully undo).

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There is no undo for keyframes; it is on the Shotcut - Road Map

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i am also interested in this.
i just tried time remap filter together with keyframes. very hard to dial stuff in without undo.
just looked at the roadmap and no mention of “keyframes” nor “undo”

btw the speed graph is a bit unintuitive. maybe also let users do it like in davinci resolve… and with easyease keyframes :slight_smile: (let users select multiple keyframes at once)

amazing software already tho! thanks

Your comment made me realize that undo/redo is broken for the “time” filters in the 24.04.28 release. This is fixed for the next release.

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