Unable to set duration of picture in Properties

Release 20.02.17

New user here. I can set the duration of a still by dragging it in the Timeline but when I try to adjust finely in properties, the Duration field is grayed out and up /down keys don’t work either. When dragging in the timeline, the value in the duration field from properties change though.

Adjusting duration in preferences should only work when you have your STILL in the source.!

You could just zoom in with Ctrl and MOUSE-WHEEL and adjust it like I show it or just cut it and delete the rest.

Hi Vlajd. I am not sure to understand what you mean by “having the still in source”. I have put all the stills I want to insert into my master video track. I have also tried to put them into a separate track, no change.

Ok, so I guess you want several Images in the same length. To do so, you have to open any image, set it to the length in the properties and click on “Set Default”. Every image you’ll add to your project will be in the same length.

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This is normal and expected. You need to use the Timeline clip trimming to adjust duration.

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Ok, thanks for the tip Vlajd. It works as you said. Handy for slide shows.

Hello shotcut. Good to know that ti’s not due to my linux distro. And, BTW, nice piece of software. I just switched from OpenShot to Shotcut and I am happy so far. OpenShot randomly crashed on me.

:slight_smile: Cheers

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