Unable to save or render

When i go to save or render any projects, and press enter, the system tells me the file cannot be found, even if the project is new. The only way i have been able to work over this so far is to overwrite completely separate projects, which i dont want to do, as it is destructive! Anyone know how to help?

This is a guessing game?

Please provide step by step account of what you are doing from the moment you open Shotcut.

Also it’s useful to know which version of Shotcut you are using, which operating system you are using and a little about your Computer/Laptop specifications.

Hey! I managed to resolve the problem. Turns out I had switched on a security option by mistake that essentially prevents all programs from creating new files. I have a Windows 10 desktop, and I have the latest version of Shotcut installed

Which security option does this!?

It’s in the windows defender. It affects all apps tho, not just shotcut

Can you be more specific please?

i have the same problem. can you help me resolve?

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