Unable to drag or open any video

I Am unable to load any video’s to the software i keep getting the message you need the administrators permission it was working fine till the latest windows update on the 12/01/18 image

This is not a Shotcut issue, I recommend you seek assistance at a Windows 10 support forum

Try moving the files on an other disk (is it on D: ? external file? SD card?)

Try launching the program as admin.

The files are on a external sd card and on my pc neither work and have tried launching program has admin still not working have a different editing software that is working fine

Did you perhaps install Shotcut as a different user?

No it i am the only user of my pc. it was working fine till the 12/01/18 since that day no good used it with out any problems on the 2/01/18 next time on the 12 not working

Ya same thing has been happening to me is there a way to fix this at all?