Unable to copy some .jpg to playlist

I converted a couple pictures to .jpg, from .heic files. They open correctly on my desktop, and all of the properties match other .jpg I have used in this project, but for some reason, I can not add the converted pics to my playlist.

Can you add more detail? How are you trying to add them? What happens when you try to add them? Can you share a screenshot of the problem?

I open my file folder with the pictures, then I copy the picture and drag to the playlist, as I did to all of the pictures in this screenshot. A white line shows in the playlist, but I can’t find the copied picture.

I do not reproduce it. Please upload an example file that has the problem.

This is a good file, it will copy to playlist.

When I try to upload the file that will not copy to playlist, this is what the forum says.

I will have to make a couple replies, since the forum will only allow me to put one upload per reply.

Here is the properties of the file that won’t copy to playlist.

I have emailed this file to my self and it opens fine on my computer.

@landis what program or app did you use to convert your .heic image?

I tried with GIMP and the image was accepted by Shotcut.

Maybe the problem is you do not have a file name extension on the file. It is hard to tell because you have file extensions hidden in Explorer.

Why not upload the bad file so others can try, instead of several screenshots. Perhaps there is some copyright issue you are worried about?

@PoisonedSlice he tried, but the forum didn’t accept the file. See post #5

My bad, sorry. I didn’t consider that possibility since there is always the option of zipping files that are either not in the approved list or simply don’t like uploading to forum software (which is what I’ve done in the past). See below.

It seems like this is a problem with the generated files, since it isn’t just shotcut that doesn’t like them. And since this has happened to all of your converted files, it is unlikely to be a one off corruption. So what software did you use for the conversion? The first thing to try is GIMP since @MusicalBox managed to get that to work.

Two things to nail this down further if the OP can’t get GIMP to work and is still interested. Can you please zip both the original .heic and the bad .jpg and upload that zip instead.

Can’t duplicate the issue.

I tried by creating a HEIC file with GIMP and then using a conversion website online to convert it to JPG. That JPG works great with Shotcut.

I found this on Adobe’s website:

I do not know how to create a multiple-image HEIC file.

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