Unable to copy exported mp4 to thumbdrive

I created a video and exported a mp4 video from Shotcut. The video is 4.2GB

When attempting to copy mp4 to a 32GB thumbdrive I am advised there is not enough room.

Any ideas on what has gone wrong? Is there a link to the original files in Shotcut?

Thumbdrive is full, defective, unformatted, User/Admin Permissions, etc…
This is not Shotcut related.

Not sure what you mean. If you’re referring to your source file used to make your MP4 video, those are still on your computer, wherever you put them. Same goes if you saved your project file. Wherever you saved it to, is where it’s at now. Shotcut doesn’t move any files.

Thanks. Great to know this is not related to Shotcut. It is a nice clean editing package.

I will keep trying. Just attempted to save to a portable HD with 600GB available and received same message.

Will now look at why I am unable to copy. All permissions etc are fine.

Your drive is probalby formattet in FAT32. Reformat in NTFS!

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Yep. The old FAT32 issue. NTFS solved the issue.

Thanks to all

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