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I am a newcomer and found out that the ui is a bit complicated for us. I do mot how to explain it but, it needs improvement. Maybe more minimalistic and clean. For example close buttons are too small and their color is alike to backgrounds’. Every section can have different colours (not contrast but maybe one is black other one is grey etc). You can get inspired from adobe premier. Good luck guys :black_heart: opensource

I would suggest you play around a bit with SC, do some serious video editing for a few months at least, do a few tutorials first and read about its usage. After that you come back and tell us what you think :slight_smile:
I do video editing for quite a few years (on an occasional basis, i am not a pro), but SC is one of the simplest and easiest UI’s you can use and achieve great results. Many other editors on the professional side have a lot more features that you might occasionally use, but they are really not necessary and make the UIs overcomplicated. Your learning curve with SC will be very steep if you are seriously interested! :slight_smile:

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Assuming you’re using the Dark Fusion theme, this is by design on all color-sensitive software. This includes Photoshop, Premiere, and Resolve. The UI is minor shades of middle gray so that the UI doesn’t interfere with the user’s color perception of the video itself. It’s impossible to make accurate color decisions if the UI injects its own colors.

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Totally agree with that. Shotcut has one of most clean and simple UI.

I and some friends find the shotcut UI to be very understandable with some experience, but I agree, there is a learning curve for beginners. I’d just suggest you play around with it and look at what buttons do what things, watch some tutorials and you’ll be fine in no time.

Je comprend cela, mais je ne serais pas contre une différence entre les gris un peu plus prononcée notamment pour les onglets (ex source/projet) car aujourd’hui ce n’est pas facile de voir celui qui est actif.

I understand that, but I would not be against a difference between the grays a little more pronounced especially for the tabs (ex source/project) because today it is not easy to see which one is active.

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