Ubuntu Shotcut installation issues

Shotcut is fantastic! Thank you! A little problem lately.

I use Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS, 64bit, I recently upgraded my system. I removed shotcut and tried to install it again because snap would not update it. I know about snap issues about updating apps but it is annoying.

So I could install Shotcut using snap with version 23.11.04 (edge) but not with 23.10.07 (stable). When I started Shotcut I saw its logo and loading plugins on top of it and then nothing happens.

So I uninstalled it and I used terminal command: sudo snap install shotcut --classic
I got error: cannot perform the following tasks:- Fetch and check assertions for snap “shotcut” (1245) (cannot verify snap “shotcut”, no matching signatures found).

Thank you helping.

I do not know why. I just removed the Shotcut snap and reinstalled it using the same command line as you, and it worked. I think something is wrong with snap on your system. You can try using the AppImage or portable instead until you sort out snap issues.

Thank you! I will try.

Running from the shell script worked fine…so happy to have it running again. Thank you!