Two Sisters

here my last production.
I used Time Remap ‘a lot’ and, I believe, a good video subject :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
YouTube always lowers the quality; the quality of the original video on my laptop is much better.



Very nice!
I would start the music right away and try to avoid shaky or too fast movements for aerials like this.
Everything slow and calm :slight_smile:

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A good drone can help record very stable videos as if it were put on a tripod.

It was a nice location and good effort.

I would also suggest starting the sound straight away, my audio gear got hit :frowning: when there was no sound.

With the Drone, I’d suggest some lower and more engaging shots. Such as flying through the arches of the rocks.

I’d also suggest starting by flying the drone close to the ground then off the edge and down to the water to create an engaging effect.

Flying the drone close to the water and close (say 10m) to the cliff would be nice.

No complaints, just what I thought could make it better.

@david.lyon Thanks for your suggestions (I always appreciate) but they were my intentions.I was not close with the drone because in some places there was a very strong wind (>30Km); the app gave alarms (beep, beep, …) for strong wind and drone tilted by 30-40 deg. (his camera always stable). I missed the opportunity to pass under which arch :sob:
Sorry, I’m out of topic of this forum.


@Ric_Developer - Some really lovely aerial drone shots and you put it together in a very entertaining way with a variety of transitions. Glad to see you mastered the time remap filter! Great work.

Not at all, it was interesting to hear about your problems with the drone shooting…

FYI you marked this YouTube video as made for kids; however, that is not probably what you think. It does not mean simply safe for kids but that it is targeted towards children and thus has more restrictions. For example, I cannot add it the Shotcut channel’s Made with Shotcut playlist.

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@shotcut Thanks for the information, It’s very important.
I’ve just change that setting.

A real joy to watch!

Very professionnal montage. Time remap filter is in the mood these times and I think you hit hard : very addictive vidéo.

Excep some cuts much too long on the first sequences to me, what has blow my mind is the sound to video synchronisation. It seems that the audio is ‘blinking’ accordingly to the images. So that’s nice.

:+1: and thank you !

Really nice video. Thanks. You can click on the gear wheel on YouTube and select 1080p60HD to reclaim the high-definition playback over the default, which for me was only 480p.

Hi Ric_Developer.

For me, the good (and the things I liked) are:

  1. The Videography / Photography (well-shot, good choice of subjects)
  2. Editing - specifically editing to music
  3. Choice of music / matching music to the visuals
  4. Good as an advertisement of the skills and talents mentioned in 1 - 3 above
  5. Nice choice of graphics, and use of graphics (‘RP Production’)

The Things I Would Like To See Different are:

  1. It should be “An RP Production”, not “A RP Production” - to me, that is an amateurish mistake, and if I were to think about hiring you based on this video, this mistake - literally the thing we see in the first few seconds, would make me wonder what other details you might get wrong (e.g., about the brief I might give you as a client to capture or show certain things in the video I am hiring you to make; other mistakes you might make in the finished video you make for me, and so on)

  2. The whole thing is far too long - if this is supposed to be part of your show reel, advertising your skills, then I get the idea after the first 10 or 15 seconds, and begin to get bored and frustrated after that. I would suggest drastically shortening this, and editing in footage of other scenes / subjects you have filmed, and make those other subjects all different from one another to show your versatility in capturing footage that requires different skills to get that footage - e.g., some sports; entertainment (e.g., dance).

Overall, though, I find think you did a really good job.

Thanks for showing us.

Thank you for your suggestions.
I know, the resulting video is too long.
I was struggling about what to cut.
About my poor English: It’s not my mother tongue. In Italy, when I was young (too long ago!), English was not teached like today. What I know is what I have learned with experience, it is clear that I do not have enough.
Thank you for correcting me.
But now I’m really out of topic.

Hi Ric_Developer,
Thanks for your reply.

I did not realize you were struggling with what to cut from the video.

Your English is certainly better than my Italian, and is good enough to post here.

Part of my point about the intro. title was that if something is not your first language (and even if it is) then it is often good to get at least someone else to check it.

A fresh set of ‘eyes’ can often spot things that those of us who have edited the video cannot see.

All the best.

I agree with you on all points you wrote :+1:

Sorry Dan, I realized I never gave you feedback about it; I changed the settings.
Thank you for the information.

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