Two Shotcuts Opened At Once

I was editing a YouTube video and I came across needing to have two, totally separate windows of it opened at the same time so I could take a clip (after splitting the video) out of the one and put it in the other to edit that specific clip and save it by itself. Either that or I wanted to look at a separate file on one while still being able to edit another clip on the other window. (I had saved it as a mlt file and I could only look at it on Shotcut. I think this could maybe the cause to some of my files messing up.
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It tried having the same file on both or something like that and didn’t do what I would have liked to.I hope that I can use multiple windows in the future without it messing up and this is a good suggestion.

I can run two (and probably more) instances of Shotcut at the same time. I often set the first one to Export and then open another to start editing the next video. On my modest Linux system I notice no slowdown at all.

However, it sounds like you may not understand how the editor works. I think you should be able do what you want using only one instance of Shotcut. Shotcut is a “nondestructive” editor.


Shotcut supports the notion of a clipboard, but it fairly internal. It often puts MLT XML onto this clipboard. I could make it so this XML is also put into the system clipboard to share between multiple Shotcut processes.

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Thanks. I realize that I was rushed and frustrated so that made me impatient. I was trying to do to many things at once which was my main problem and I kept on switching between things. That was probably my main problem.