Two open instances of Shotcut - Audio-Waveform Issues

Hello everyone,

I am using Shotcut to edit Youtube Videos. So it happened that I was exporting a edited Video and wanted to edit a separate one at the same time.

But the second Shotcut Instance behaves differently as it should behave:

  • Audio Waveforms are no longer generated automatically (on clip addition or clip editing)
  • If I split a clip the Waveforms of the two clips are not generated correctly
  • Shotcout doesn’t respond if I click on the Button for Re-Generating Audio-Waveforms

Is this a Bug or a desired behaviour?

There is a long standing known performance problem running multiple instances of Shotcut with no solution:

You do not need to run multiple instances of Shotcut to do that.

Oh I see I can open a Project File while the other one is rendering. Thats nice! I think this will help me a lot. I will write back tomorrow.

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It seems to work quite fine. Thank you @shotcut :slight_smile:

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