Two bugs

Here are two small bugs:

  1. When changing the aspect ratio from 720:576 to 4:3 by highlighting the 576 and overwriting it with a 4, the first input is not accepted. It works on the 720.

  2. After deleting the clips on the timeline, after deleting the last clip from the playlist, a clip will appear in the preview again. That irritates.

It is accepted but you must wait for Properties to reload after changing one of the fields. Any change to either of these requires reloading the clip. That cannot depend on two values changing, and I do not want to add a separate button.

After deleting … a clip will appear in the preview

This only happens when something is in Source player. Removing clips from playlist and timeline does not clear the source player. The source player is a separate media container. This is by design and not going to change. You can use File > Close.

OK, thanks for the explanation.