Two bugs: Keyframe timeline & Contrast filter


(I do not know yet, if there is a work on it…)
If you have a keyframe in a part (e.g. Mask) and that part is part of a transition and you delete the transition, the length of the timeline of that keyframe is too short (length of the video part - length of the deleted transition).

Contrast filter:
If you have that filter on a video part (i.m.c. and e.g. from 4,5 to 25) and you delete the last point or move it, the video part faded to green, or to red.
It happend now often to me…
And that “effect” is permanent, is meaning, also after a restart of SC the fade to red, or green is still there. Also deleting that filter takes no effect (to get again the normal coloring).
I also noticed a flickering into red, or green while sliding the value…

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----------------- EDIT --------------
Further info on Contrast Filter with keyframe:
If you have that keyframe (i.m.c. 4,5) and you move a point in the keyframe timeline the video part fades into green.

----------- EDIT 2 -----------------
It seems, that this Contrast bug appears only with keyframes, also if the points aren’t moved (or such). I just had a “Fade into Green” by only setting two points (start and end of a video part). In the middle it got that “Fade Into Green”… After deleting the keyframe, the picture again looked normal.
BTW: That “Fading” into green/red appears also, but very short if you adjust a keyframe point…

Reproduced the contrast issue with 19.10 Beta.

Add an image or video. Apply a contrast filter. Set two advanced key frames. I used 40% and 80%. Delete either key frame, the image/video will have a color shift to green or red.

In the attached project, playlist item #2 and #3 are images after the contrast filter has been applied and the key frames deleted.

Conrast (714.2 KB)

The Contrast filter is fixed for the next version 19.12. This problem also affected the Color Grading filter.

This is by design. The Keyframes timeline is only as long as the clip plus any portion included in a transition. If you delete the transition, then it goes back to: only as long as the clip. The problem is that it may hide keyframes. Trimming a clip will do that too - by design (it was changed from deleting keyframes in response to a bug report). There is nothing in Shotcut UI to gain access to these hidden keyframes at the moment other than to trim the clip outward to reveal them. That might require that you move the clip to a new track temporarily, or: Copy, trim and adjust in the Source player, Overwrite (keyboard shortcut, drag-drop, or toolbar button).

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