Two bugs (Focus and move multiple clip) in 22.04.25

What is your operating system?
Linux Mint 20.3

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?

BUG 1: it happen always

if i type a number like “1:10:” to got to a specific time and press ENTER the focus does not change back to the timeline and if I press “space bar” to start playing it does not works because focus is still in the “current position” input element.

In 20.09.97 the current version distributed in Linux Mint I don’t have such problem.

BUG 2: it happens randomly but quite often, so annoying that I posted the bug here

I click the first clip of a track and then I click the last clip of the same track, this way I select all the clip of the tracks including transition.

Then when I try to move all those clip to the end of another track sometimes the bug happen.

A random clip from the selected one is not moved and remain in the original track.

It happens also with 20.09.97.

20.09.97 doesn’t look like an official Shotcut version number. Maybe in the version included in Linux they corrected this little quirk?

I agree that I’d also prefer if focus would be released from the timecode counter after pressing Enter.
It behaves the same when you change the value of the timecode with the mouse or the small arrows.

As a workaround, instead of hitting Enter, I took the habit of clicking on an empty space outside the counter to release the focus. But for new users (and I bet for more experienced ones also) that’s not very intuitive.

Not a bug. It was changed to fix a bug:

Enter does not change focus in most fields of many UIs. In his bug report, he wanted to edit the time immediately after seeking to it. So, he pressed backspace, which made it instead delete a clip in the timeline. The suggested ways to change focus are:

  • press Tab
  • click the video preview
  • press Shift+Esc, which is basically the same as clicking the video preview
  • click anywhere else you need to do something

I tried to reproduce this today, but I am not able. Are you able to create this issue with a simple project made up of color clips? If so, maybe you could upload the project file to this post so we can use that to recreate the problem.

I will try, it usually occurs when I’ve like 8-12 tracks and vertical scrolls also get out of sync in the timeline.

Try to turn on:

  • snapping
  • ripple trim and drop

it happens to me only when using those 2

After reading " * Fixed dragging a clip leftward beyond other clips with Timeline > Ripple turned on."
I tryed with 22.06 and its noth happening anymore!

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