Two audio tracks with different loudness?

I have made a video track with the muted via.

On top I have an audio track #1 with the background music.

Then, on top of all of this I have an additional audio track #2 with lyrics.

The problem is, that the audio track #1 is too loud in relation to audio track #2 so it is almost not possible to hear the words. I have tried different recordings with different devices and the result is the same.

Does anyone have a suggestion or advice how to lower the loudness on the background music and increase the loudness on the lyrics recording?


AFAIK select a part of the audio and add the audio property “Volume” and adjust to your choice

@cpetdk, it’s not real clear to me what situation you have going on. I understand what you are asking, but I need better clarification as to what’s going on.

  • Are you speaking of an already made video file with 3 tracks on the one file?

    • shotcut_2019-03-06_16-57-43
  • Or are you speaking in terms of editing with Shotcut like this?

    • shotcut_2019-03-06_17-00-03
      • V1= Video 1
      • A1= Audio 1
      • A2= Audio 2

Click each track header and add the Gain/Volume filter. Then, you can adjust each track’s audio level individually as well as use keyframes to vary the audio at different points in time such as lowering the music level when there is talking in a video.

Ofcourse. Thanks. WIll use that feature!
This will solve the problem.

The latter ex., but Shotcut leader below solved it for me, I am sure. Thanks.

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