Twitch clip compilations

Started working with Shotcut roughly 6 months ago, and semi-recently used it to make some compilations of clips for a friend who streams on Twitch. They’re on his YouTube channel here:

Mostly simple cuts, with an occasional “Size & Position” filter use for a comedic zoom, and some audio fiddling (gain/volume to bring up certain low volume clips, reign in some of the clipping ones, and level the music).

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Forum didn’t let me post more than 2 links so the third one is here:

(Also made a summary video of some gameplay sessions where he played “Papers, Please”, but that one isn’t live yet. I’ll link it when it is.)

Here’s the “gameplay supercut” based on a joke idea somebody had in chat (cut together everytime somebody gets detained).

  • ~ 6 hours of Twitch footage were scrubbed (sped up) with Shotcut to extract each “detain” instance.
  • Each instance was then in/out trimmed/split for time and roughly aligned with the music.
  • the final gag was assembled with 3 very short clips aligned to the music, and the size & position filter.

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