Tutorial video out of date?

Is the tutorial video “Getting Started” out of date?

I can’t replicate some of the stuff that is happening in it, and the UI is different. For instance, at 14 minutes the narrator says to double-click on a file in the playlist and the cursor will go to that position in the playlist, and the tooltip visible in the video says the playlist will be loaded into the player. When I do this neither of these things happen.

yes, some of the tutorial videos from the YouTube Shotcut channel are quite dated. There is an affordable tutorial video series from James Woo that is more current and comprehensive.

Thanks Dan. The video needs to be removed, or at least marked with a warning. When you know nothing about Shotcut and you go to this video as apparently the most fundamental source of information, it’s confusing and time-wasting to try to fathom and to try to work what you are doing so wrong when you are actually doing nothing wrong. I understand that no one is responsible for providing me with instructions on this free application, but misinformation is much worse that no information.

Other than that, Shotcut is working out quite well for me.