(TUTORIAL) Much Better Realistic VHS Effect

Hello! This post will teach you how to create a realistic VHS effect in Shotcut!

Guide (with images) is here: https://imgur.com/a/yHEIZYx (Imgur post because i couldn’t have more than one image in my post)

Final product should look like this:

You should play around with the glitch values to add your amount of age to the video.
I tried my best at making this realistic, i hope it suffices!


Nice! I remember having copies of copies of movies on VHS with that kind of quality :smiley:

In my test bellow, I didn’t use the Dither filter. I think it’s ok to use it with cartoons, but for real movies, I couldn’t find a setting that looked natural enough for me. I also reduce Blur: Box to 1px. At 5px it was way too much for my clips.

So, yes. I think this combinaison of effects is very good to get a fake VHS look. But don’t be afraid to play with the settings depending on your source video.

Thanks for sharing @kordru !

My tests:

Note: Strange… the Glitch effect was a lot more visible in the Preview before exporting the video.