Trying to learn image sequences. Any help?

Hi! New to the forum. Made the account to ask this question.

I’m brand new to video editing. Just started last week. Right now I’m trying to learn how to make and put an image sequence in a video and I’m lost. I saw some posts showing how to load the sequence in, but I’m not sure how to make the sequence in the first place.

Please be detailed. Remember I may not have learned any terminology you may use yet.

Go to file>open file. Navigate to the folder where you have the images. Open the first image. The image will open in the source viewer. Select the properties tab.

Check image sequence.

You’ll get a message saying “reloading image sequence”. Once the sequence has loaded, select the playlist tab.

Press the “+” icon or press shift A to add the sequence to the playlist. From there you can add the sequence to the timeline. Use the “+” icon or press a.


The images have to be numbered sequentially for this to work.


Video is completely different to Photography.
Things you do not do.
1.Hose piping- zooming in to a shot, and out of a shot in the same clip.
2,Pannning too quick- shooting starting east and finishing west or opposite,(This will make the eyes go funny)
Jump Cuts different clips with no link to either.
3.Types of shot: Long shot-Wide Angle. Medium Shot- Person to Waist.
Close Up- Face.
4 .Keep shots short 5 seconds except zooming.
5. make a story(shooting script)
6.Example L.S Garden. M.S Flower bed. C.U Flower head
7. save shots as Cut Aways- Veiws from front or back of a vehicle.
when shooting a view from left then to right the film will go opposite ways. a cut away will link them

Thanks a lot for the advice, you guys!

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