Trying to duplicate same source at different tracks

Hello. I require some help in guiding me through the basic function, I think that I’m missing something obvious… Here is my situation. I’ve got file with 2 audio tracks and I would like to have a way to work with video and both of audio tracks at the same time.

So, how it goes for me. I added file as source and created 3 tracks (V/A/A). Next, I’m dragging source on any of this tracks and when I’m trying to drag it to the next track, it shows “OVERRIDE” and moving source from first track. What I’m trying to achieve is to get duplicates of the same source at different tracks at the same time, so I can have only video track and 2 audio tracks for each audio track of original file. What I’m doing wrong?

Judging by this comment, I should be able to do it w/o any trouble. What am I missing?

If you enable Ripple trim and drop the clip will be inserted when you drag and drop from the source viewer.


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Thanks for the reply! I didn’t use this option right, thanks. :slight_smile:

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