Trying to crop video but black borders are added on export

I have a 1920x1080 video that I would like to crop the sides from, leaving a square 1080x1080. I made a custom video mode that is 1080x1080. When I use the Crop filter, I have to make the width about “600” to approximate 1080. I used the YouTube export preset with the video resolution set to 1080x1080. I export to mp4 and end up with a black border on either side of the video which brings the width back to 1920. The file properties in Windows 10 says that the width is 1080 but when I play it back, it clearly isn’t.

When I use video mode 1920x1080 then I get a square video with black borders on all four sides!

Can anyone please advise on how to export a square video without black borders? Also any idea why Windows 10 file properties and MediaInfo say that the video is square but when I play it back in VLC or Windows Media Player or upload to GIPHY (a website that converts videos to GIFs), I get these borders that make it clearly not square? Thanks.

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It sounds like your video mode is actually wrong or at least its aspect ratio or the aspect ratio in export. If you are changing something in export - resolution or aspect ratio - you are doing it wrong. This might help

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