Trying to create motion blur transition

I am using text HTML to try and create a motion blur transition with 2 tracks. The transition track is the top one. The problem is shotcut always outputs the top track as is, and then it outputs the result of the shader on top of it, so you can’t use any shaders that need transparency.
Maybe some one has a workaround?

The closest I’ve gotten to quasi-motion blur is using Elusien’s filter “Persistense.” I was able to use it on this clip: or this:

Hey @bentacular I’m really interested in that filter. Actually I am trying to distort the video while I increase the play speed as seen here Do you think it’s something similar?

Yes, but I’m talking about a motion blur transition. Different thing. This is what I’m trying to achieve:

The Shotcut filter “Trails” is based on Elusien’s filter “Persistence.” So you can just use the Trails filter that comes with Shotcut.

Awesome, I’ll give it a try!

Don’t mean to sound picky but isn’t that called a “whip/pan blur transition”?

no. it’s called motion blur, or linear motion blur

What I keep seeing as examples of “motion blur transition” is pretty much a “whip or pan blur transition”. So I guess it’s just another name for the same thing.

Is what you’re trying to do a “LinearBlur” from the gl-transition’s page

Or is this what you are trying to do:

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m try to do.
Anyways, I managed to get what I wanted by editing the existing linear blur effect. The problem with that effect was that it blurred in both x and y directions and did not use enough passes to avoid banding.
Also, you would have to use the rotate and scale filter in combination with motion blur filter to get the effect that you see in that video

I did that video. :wink:
I didn’t use Rotate and Scale or Trails (which I assume is what you meant by “motion blur filter”) though.

Oui, j’aime bien cet effet.
Si vous l’avez réalisé en n’utilisant que les fonctions disponibles avec “Shotcut”, j’aimerais bien savoir comment vous avez fait.

Deepl traduction
Yeah, I like that effect.
If you made it using only the functions available with “Shotcut”, I would like to know how you did it.

I like your effect, @drm! I tried that effect some months ago and got this. Not totally happy with it though …

For a proper “whip pan” it’s best to actually quickly pan the camera when shooting the footage.

I would try it. It might work

If you have a long enough clip, the “Persistense” or “Trails” filter will work

Just curious, what filters did you use? I have never heard of the “Trails” filter

Thanks for the tip. I tried it and it’s exactly what I was looking for.

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