Trying to change aspect ratio but nothing changes

You see in the image that the video needs some stretching because everything looks distorted. I tried to select a preset with different aspect ratios but nothing changes.
I tried to change the aspect ratio and customize the settings but the export still looks distorted.

I definitely need more width than height. Using SMPlayer I can adjust the aspect ratio during playback and I found 3:2 suitable but I do not know how to encode the video that way.
SMPlayer shows following information concerning the original:
resolution: 720x576
aspect ratio:1,25
format h264
bitrate 6746kbit/s
framerate 25fps

Any ideas how I could stretch the video?

Changing the Video Mode or Export > Video will not make a difference. You need to override the aspect ratio in clip Properties.

I tried to change the aspect ratio in properties but the properties dialog just closes. It seems that this part of shotcut crashed. I tried another video and I could change the aspect ratio. Probably the video has some wrong parameters, encoding, something else? If you are curious, this is a small part of the file exported with shotcut and the original aspect ratio.

This is normal behavior at the moment when you change properties of a timeline clip because it must reload the clip, and it does not automatically reselect the clip afterward. If you change a clip in the Source player, it is more well-behaved. Nevertheless, the aspect ratio will change as I have demonstrated in this screenshot.

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