Trying things with color filters

This is a short video of my color filter tests at Shotcut.
It’s a very basic video, although it’s one more step in my understanding of the possibilities at Shotcut.
I also take this opportunity to try Streamable.

Very nice. I’m assuming you used the chroma hold filter among others.

@Sauron: I’m glad you like this little exercise.

I used three video tracks with the same image (a photo of my last trip) combining several filters to know:
Preserve color
Color Rebasing (Single)
Levels (color)
Color Correction
The combination of the different clips was possible with the adjustment of the opacity.

It is a very simple video comparing with the projects of other users.
This exercise highlights the creative possibilities of SC.

I don’t know why the frame with the video embedded in my post doesn’t appear.

If you want to embed the video copy and paste the URL directly into your post, not as a hyperlink.

I copied the embedded code that Streamable provides.
I fixed this and it’s working.
Thank you @Sauron.

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