Trusted Time

My newest video!
And how sure that I’m hard again with the name …
In the end it became “Trusted Time”.
I really suggest taking your time … and watching the entire video (08:12min.) because it is evolving.

Please enjoy with a Trusted Time .

BTW: This is how the video looks in Shotcut:

PS: This is the best thing my computer has to offer at the moment.
Once, when exporting, it even ran “out of memory”. And I already have 16 GB.
We, me and my computer :smile: , do our best!

'Til then…


As usual, thanks for sharing. I plan to tweet your video and screenshot on Tuesday for #TimelineTuesday.
It is a little surprising the that you ran out of memory, but next time it happens I suggest to close Shotcut, restart, reload the project, and try again. Sometimes Shotcut uses up more of your memory the longer you are using it leaving less for the background exporter.

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Not really a surprise…, after some edits I have, with that project, already up to 13 GB RAM used. :smile: (Of course with some other applications like browser (10 tabs)…)
It used the SWAP, but SWAP is slowly, so Shotcut stopped the export (IMO), which was (is really) good, because it slowed down my whole system (“swimming mouse pointer”, a.s.o.). (Linux Mint here… :slight_smile: )
Yes, after closing Shotcut and restart, export as usual.
'Til then… :slight_smile:

Great work!
Did you film all these nice clips?

@DvS Thank you!

No :slight_smile: , it is (currently) a mix of free content from the internet and clips made with my Samsung A-40.

I’m just thinking how it could work: :smile:
“Hello you, you, you and you, we make a video today. You make this and you this, no, the head more up, and you, the walk have to be smoother.” :smile: I have no idea… :slight_smile:

'Til then…

…and don’t forget the ‘DSGVO’! :smiley:

I needed some time to overthink…, because I’m not a “Twitter”, “Tweeter?”, I do not use Twitter, I also do not use WhatsApp, or Instagram, or VK, or or or…, only YouTube. I make videos… :man_shrugging: :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:.
(I really needed to get information if I understood “I plan a tweet” correct. :slight_smile: )

But, if the video is something useful…, feel free to…use it.

Best regards

And not to forget…

@Austin: Thanks for your advice to 30 FPS. Is it really such a difference to 60 FPS?

Best regards

Really nice work, @earlybite. I enjoyed watching. A great juxtaposition of images and effects brilliantly syncronized to the music. Bravo! :+1::+1: I appreciate your extensive efforts - must have taken a while!

I presume that’s the “trails” filter in action at 5.33 and onwards? Nice effect!

@jonray Thanks! :smile:

Yes, several partial exports , some complete exports (ca. 35min.!) to get “inside” the video. And then comparing “What I want and how it got”, and maybe changing.

No, not entirely… :slight_smile:
It is ‘Chop’ and ‘Vertigo’.
And, to be honest, it is not as I really desired. The issue isn’t that the preview isn’t smooth for that part, the issue is, that it is not the same as in the exported video, a little bit slower/faster (do not know yet).
I noticed this also with the ‘Distort’ filter… To me, in the preview at speed ~ 2 (for the filter), it looked well (as desired), but in the exported video it was much faster (IIRC I slowed down the speed of the filter to 0.4.).
I’m really excited to have a Ryzen-5 2600… :smile:

'Til then…

I watched your YouTube video and the Stats for Nerds box said this video was 30fps. To my eye, the motion still looked smooth. At no point did I think to myself, “I can’t watch this video because it’s in 30fps instead of 60fps”. :slight_smile: In particular, I’m looking at the 3D Text items flying around the screen. They looked smooth on my normal-sized monitor. I can’t judge smoothness based on slow-motion items in the background unless I know the frame rate of the source videos, because that has a significant impact on how much smooth motion is even possible. Do you notice a difference between 30fps and 60fps, either while editing or in the final video?

Yes, that it also my impression…
I mean, a BluRay film has how much FPS…, 24?

I was astonished at a part in that video, because of a massive number of filters and a smooth preview!
Also now, with my new video, there is a part with three clips…, two clips with blend mode and each one (of those two) with “Mask Simple”.
And that “Mask Simple” filter was until now always a reason for heavy stutter while preview (2 frames played, 15 frames jumped).
And now, it is smooth…
It has still “stutter”, but it is “slowed down” a little (hard to explain)…, the seeker is not as smooth as e.g. for a simple preview for a simple clip…, but the preview is to see (and hear) smooth…

I have not tested it explicitly of course…, 30/60 FPS, 20.02.02 BETA :man_shrugging:? Do not know.
(I’m really looking forward to the Ryzen-5-2600. :smile: )

BTW: What kind of effect it would have, if I edit with 30FPS and export to 60FPS?

The timeline is only producing 30fps in that scenario. When exporting to 60fps, the encoder will encode each frame from the 30fps timeline twice to pad it up to 60fps. Since we will see the same frame twice in a row at 60fps, it will look visually identical to seeing the frame once at 30fps. The encoder cannot generate “in-between” frames at 60fps if the timeline is only giving it 30fps to encode. It simply doubles the 30fps into 60fps, which burns disk space and playback CPU for zero visual benefit.

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