Trust - Believe In You


today “again” a new video! :slight_smile:

In the beginning I had a lot of trouble with crashes of Shotcut (current latest version), e.g. when switching from Keyframes to Timeline (and others). But, after a while, no more further crashes :thinking: .
At 01:47 I first wanted to add filter ‘Vertigo’ and/or ‘Spuren’, but the result was, that the first 2, 3 frames were “darken”…, “grayed”.
This video has up to 12 video and 3 audio tracks and needs (complete system) up to 25 GB RAM. :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy Trust - Believe In You :slight_smile:

Best regards

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12 video tracks, each takes 2gb ram if divided. And a full 1gb for just audio, insane, I have mostly to mostly got 400mbs only on just audio.

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