True Noise Gate?

This is more of a suggestion but the site wouldn’t let me put that tag on.(feel free to change that if possible) Is that feature locked for certain people on the forum? Anyway I was going to put a noise gate on an audio track but couldn’t really use it properly because the gates are in frequencies instead of decibels. I feel like it could be really helpful to a lot of people to change this. I’m in my second year of an audio engineering class but noise gates are practically 101 and this frequency system still confuses me.

So basically I think that either the noise gate should be changed from frequencies to decibels or alternatively there could be an alternate audio filter called true noise gate or something like that, just in case other people like the old system with frequencies.

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We did not write it and apparently it is very common and standard.

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The parameters for the noise gate filter are common among many nose gate products and applications. If you want the gate to key on any frequency, then set the low frequency to its minimum and the high frequency to the maximum. This is actually the default setting for those parameters.

The threshold and range parameters are already in decibels which is also standard and what you are requesting:

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This filter is really more than a noise gate. You can choose the frequency range where you want the noise gate to work.
I was used to a simple noise gate (with opening level and rejection level and maybe attack and decay). This noise gate incorporates more control to adjust its operation to the frequencies we want to control and the frequencies we do not want to interfere with.

Just to clarify, the gate does not operate on some frequencies and not others. It operates on all frequencies. However, it can listen to only a range of frequencies to trigger the gate.

In other words, the gate always gates all the sound (the gain, really). The frequency only controls what triggers the gate.


Yes, that’s what I meant, but reading what I wrote, you can interpret that only some frequencies are silenced.
Thank you for clarifying this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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