Trouble with titles. Features very limited

All I wanted was some text that fades in and then fades out. Or it could slide in and and out. First there is no duration on text. It just applies to the whole clip or image. So no fading in and out at certain times it mush remain static for the entire duration of the clip or still image.

There are presets that will allow some effects like sliding in. However you can only do one. You can slide in but not out or you can slide out but not in. You cannot do both.

My video is in the format of “X number of ways to do something.”

Text would have been nice for the list items when I start talking about them. I could use OpenShot for this because with OpenShot text is a separate thing not tied to a clip or image, where you have to do whatever text effect you want to the whole image and not just the text.

Unfortunately I would have to give up audiograms in OpenShot as it is quite lacking in filters.

The only thing I have been able to figure out is to make the images with the text I want in GIMP with a transparent background then the text is a separate image and can then be used with all of Shotcut’s video filters.

Doing it this way is not bad and is even pretty powerful as the text can now be acted upon by filters independently of the underlying image. However it is a bit of extra work.

Is there a better way?

There is a lot you can do with text filters and Keyframes.

text fade
Project file for you to see what happens.
text fade.mlt (10.5 KB)


Hi @Klawdek , this might help:

… and for more ambitious text effects:

Other text tutorials for Shotcut are also available on YouTube …! :laughing: :wink:

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Shotcut has the notion of a text clip object when you start with File > Open Other > Text. It is also on the main toolbar. Maybe if you had started with that instead of a filter on video it would have saved you tremendous learning time.

I always get a chuckle out of some of your more brutal (but true) comments!

It’s a real shame there isn’t some way to force the completion of a minimum of two tutorials for first time posters who want to ask in the help/how to subforum. Just saying!

To be honest, I was not trying to be brutal. How does a person learn about text in Shotcut before watching a tutorial? One user will have some experience in other filters and have seen the text filter. Yet another user would browse the main menu or toolbar and find that option. Learning is part of the game.

Alright brutal was probably a bit rough, sorry.

Preaching to the choir!

Thank everyone so much. I had watched a bunch of ShotCut tutorials, before and after downloading and using it. At least two different series of tutorials, plus various others. I saw a few on text but they all did it by putting the text on the clip or image. I almost went and looked for more text tutorials before posting this question but then I thought I had seen a bunch already.

Thank you for pointing out the “other” menu. There seems to be some useful things there.

I appreciate everyone’s patients with me.


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