Trouble with speed at 2.7x

When I was running thru a two hour movie, I sped up the play be increasing the speed from 1 to 2.7. Now that I’ve removed all the sections that I don’t need from my movie, I’m trying to reset each clips speed back to 1.0, and it won’t reset. It stays at 2.7. Any tips on how to do this?

I have the properties window open, and am typing 1.0 in the speed textbox. So very strange why it won’t accept the 1.0.

What’s even more odd is that it shows speed at 1.0, but the voice and video are still moving at 2.7.

Not had this problem, but generally I use the UNDO buffer to go back (Ctlr+Z on a Windows machine or use the Undo icon on the toolbar)

Hmm… tried the undo, but it isn’t really resetting the speed. It just undoes the last step that I did.

So, I change the speed to 1.0 and click off it to go set the speed of the next clip, and when I click back, it’s still set at 2.7 instead of 1.0.

Does it have anything to do with the length of the movie? Do I need to add more space at the end to give it room to expand back to full speed instead of 2.7?

I just followed your steps about by increasing the speed, editing out sections then resetting the speed of each clip (section) to 1.00 again. Worked fine. No idea why it doesn’t work for you.

I’m on the free version… Is there a pay version that has a fix?

There is only one version of Shotcut, always free.

Make sure you download the latest and always from the official page.
Shotcut - Download

Thanks. I download just today, so I’m on version 18.03.06. Love it so far, except for this one hurdle. Now I wish I had just been patient and watched the whole movie while clipping out sections instead of speeding thru it and making edits while at 2.7 speed. :frowning:

Was there a reason you sped it up before editing only to want to return it to normal speed later?

It’s a two hour long awards program, and I needed to trim it down to around 5 minutes, with just the actual winners in my new video. So, I sped it up to watch it quickly. When I came to the next important section, I’d pause it, trim it, and then continue playing at high-speed. I did it just to save time.

You can skim easily using SHIFT and run the cursor along the track.

See all shortcuts here

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After editing the speed, try pressing Enter key. Also, make sure you have the correct thing selected.

I’m sure this is heresy, but if all else fails, you could redo the speed with Avidemux.