Trouble with Ripple

Not sure whether this is a bug or normal behavior, so I’m posting in the Help category for now. By the way, this is certainly not a new thing. But I don’t think it was discussed before on the forum.

Suppose I have 2 clips (1 and 2) on a track.

With Ripple ON, if I drag Clip-1 to the right, Clip-2 will also move to the right, as expected.

But… If I drag Clip-1 past Clip-2, the Ripple action is ignored and Clip-2 ends up on the right side of Clip-2.

Intentional behavior or bug?

The way it is designed, the ripple applies to everything that is after the new position for the beginning of the clip. Basically, the ripple makes room for the clip at the new position by making a space where it needs to go before moving it there.

Case closed :slight_smile:
Thanks for the explanation.

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