Trouble with green screen multiple backgrounds

I am trying to use chroma key functionality to add multiple background images/videos. Basically, three files. One is the MAIN video shot on a green screen. The second is a STATIC background image (JPG) of a living room scene. The third is a video file, we’ll call SUB video. I want the STATIC living room to be the main background, but then have the SUB video file taking up a portion of the screen, essentially “between” the living room background and my green screen actors on the MAIN video. Almost like there is a TV behind them and I’d fill that space with video.

I can have my static image in the background and my SUB video taking up a portion of the screen and the actors show up. But, the SUB video image is in front of a portion of my actors faces. I have resized the SUB video to by smaller, and moved my actors to be smaller and out of the way. Essentially, moving them all to their own little portion of the screen. But what I really want is to not have to resize my actors. I just want the sub video to appear behind them, but still in front of the static living room background image.

I have video 3 as my green screen video with the actors and the static image as Video 1 and SUB video as video 2. Started with SHOTCUT version 18.11.13 and just upgrade to 19.01 and had same results. Any thoughts?


Is this what you’re trying to do?

This is the track layout I used.


Green screen Iron man is on V4. Mountain video is on V3, resized to 640x480 with the size and position filter. Static image is on V2.

Yes, that’s pretty much what I want, and it looks like I’m doing what your’e doing. It’s just not working for me. As you can see here, the SUB video is sitting over my actors as opposed to my actors being on top. Actors are Vid3, SUB is Vid2, background image is VID1.

I don’t see why your layout is not working. I moved static image to V1. Mountain video to V2 and the green screen to V3 and it still works. I rarely use V1 for anything.

What other filters if any have you applied?

On my actors track, I have several filters. Relevant data below

Operation: Minimum
Shape Rectangle

Chroma Key: Advanced
Operation: Minimum

And I also have Size and Position as well as Fade In and Out.

On my SUB video, I have Size & Position, Crop and Fade In Video. Nothing strange

On my background image I have Crop.

I started a new project, and applied almost no filters except adding chromakey to the main video and size and position to my sub and still have the same issue.

Okay, I took chromakey out of the equation. Very strange behavior now. I expected V2 (SUB) to be completely hidden by video 3 (my actors). But it’s not. Regardless of which position video track that file is, it always is on top. Is this an issue with mixing .mov (essentially mp2) and mp4? i will continue to play with it.

Can you please upload your project file?

I applied all your filters to my project and got a pretty wierd looking video but everything works fine.

You might as well upload your mlt as @shotcut requested. Maybe it can be sorted out.

Continuing to play around. Apparently, if I add the videos in a different order it works. From the application, the final Timeline and filters look exactly the same. But, I have to add the actor video after I add my SUB video.

frank polley2.mlt (12.2 KB)

this one is the one where it’s not working as expected

but, this one worked fine, when i changed the video order.test.mlt (8.4 KB)

This is most bizarre. It doesn’t matter what order I add my videos and images. It always works.

Okay, so a new wrinkle. I started my original project all over, and now it’s working as expected. If I move the tracks up or down in the timeline, they take precedence front or back as expected. I even added them in the original order. I’m not sure what happened with my original project, but something got foobar during the creative process. Starting over apparently fixed it… I am no longer in distress!

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