Trouble Creating a looping clip when exporting it

Ok, so every time I try to export this audio clip as an mp3, it adds a bit of silence at the end of the clip, so when I try to bring it back into shortcut and create a loop with it, I end up with just pauses after every clip.

Shotcut slices audio on video frame boundaries. If the frame rate is 30fps, that means audio will be split or cut in alignment with 1/30th of a second intervals. There could be some dead air if your music ends immediately after a 1/30th boundary, as there will be silence padded onto the end to reach the next frame boundary.

Loop trimming is generally better done in a DAW or audio editor that offers sample-level precision, which Shotcut cannot offer because of its alignment to a video frame rate.

In any case, saving your loops as WAV rather than MP3 will also offer higher precision as MP3 is sometimes not seek-friendly, which can lead to preview discrepancies. WAV will also avoid a generation of compression loss before the final export.

Ah interesting. Yeah, I ended up just switching over to Audacity.

Interesting, I guess ill switch to WAV’s as well.

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