Trouble controling the rotate and scale filter settings

HI - I’m having trouble controlling the rotate and scale filters settings. I drag the blue bars and they work, but I can’t seem to get fine control over them - they jump around - especially difficult with the x & y axis controls. Editing the numbers is more precise, but it’s a hunt and peck kind of exercise. Is there a more precise way to do this?


Hover the cursor over the slider, use the scroll wheel. Or put the cursor in the number field and use the up and down arrow keys.


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I use the mouse wheel but I’ve thought for ages about making a case for a more finer adjustment of the settings.

At present, one turn of the mouse wheel increments the rotation by 75 degrees, scale by 104.2 percent (no idea why it’s that figure…) and the x- and y- offsets by 1042 pixels.

I’d suggest much finer increments would be desirable by most users.

The mouse wheel works different depending on where the cursor is hovered.

Coarse adjustment.

Fine adjustment.



Thanks @sauron! :+1:

Good heavens! So it does!! @sauron to the rescue - again !! :smiley: Thanks!

However - may I suggest to @shotcut that: the coarse adjustments with the are too coarse (on my desktop the scale is now increasing in 99% increments and the rotation in steps of 71.3 degrees) - and the fine adjustment is too fine - rotation, 0.1 degree steps; scale: 0.1% steps (VERY little effect on a 1920 x1080 resolution).

May I suggest Rotation (coarse) = say 10 degrees, (fine) = 5 degrees;
Scale (coarse) = say 10 or 20 degrees, (fine) = 5 degrees;
Offset (coarse) = 100px; (fine) = 20px?

(Just thinking that figures like these would result in a more user-friendly experience)?

Every parameter of every filter with a numeric slider and/or spinner has a different definition for their step. I am not going to spend my time in the near to tweak all of these as I have bigger things to work on. Someone else could modify them (ui.qml files) and submit a GitHub pull request.

Thanks @shotcut, I appreciate you are busy with developing this brilliant software. No worries!

Great idea. Unfortunately I don’t know how to modify a qml file. Maybe I should copy one, open it and see if any code seems obvious. I’ll look into it.

Sorry I haven’t been back to say thanks for all the help and comments on this topic - they’ve been a great help. You can also affect the granularity of movement when using the scroll wheel in mouse settings for some operating systems. In Windows, you can set the number of “lines” skipped in a document with each wheel click. In documents I use 3, but in operations such as this I’ll change that to 1 for finer control.


This topic has been of help for me too.
Thanks for bringing it up!

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