Trouble Bringing in Audio Files (m4a, wav)

When I bring in an audio clip it is missing the first few seconds of each clip. I play it outside of shotcut and it plays fine. I originally recorded sounds on an iphone and they were in .m4a format, I also tried bringing them into itunes and exporting as a .wav and same thing.

Any idea what this could be? Thanks for the help, i’m just starting to use the software.

Maybe there’s a problem with the files. Have you tried looking at the tracks with Audacity?

I usually take in the music for my tracks, normalize them (drop the peaks down to keep from overloading later) and then export the modified file. Why not run one your files through the same process. And, of course, you can mark the front of the file to enlarge it to look for any obvious problems.

Thanks! So I tried checking the files in Audacity, and I couldn’t because of the format they were in. However, when I was walking around today I was thinking of your response and what I was going to say and then I realized I have the wav versions I made which I can bring into Audacity. So, I’ve started working on it from that route.

I think you can install other software to allow Audacity to load the m4a files. But, I haven’t done that yet.

Thanks for your reply.

Glad to help! Did the .WAV files show the entire audio clip or was the front part missing?