Trimming in ms or frames


When I’m trimming a clip by dragging the sides with my mouse, it only snaps to seconds.
The same applies for fad in and fade out. I can only fade in whole seconds.
Is there a way to trim it more precise?
So instead of trimming 1 second, I want to trim 0.1 second or maybe 0.05 seconds.

Thanks in advance!

I’m unable to reproduce this. What does your timeline look like?

If there are other clips on other tracks, and the magnet icon is on, then the cursor will snap to the in/out points of nearby clips. Turn off the magnet to get finer control.

The last new digits are frames.
The length of time would be determined by your Video Mode FPS.
30 fps: 15 frames is .50 seconds.
60 fps: 15 frames is .25 seconds.

When you’re trimming (in the timeline) by dragging the mouse, it shows the length, in this case, - 5 frames.

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