Trimming 2 hour video down to 10 minutes - Lots of end points?

Hi there. I’m trying to remove a whole bunch of frames from a 2 hour video so that it’s just the bare necessities. I understand what end points are, and I’m curious if that’s the best way to go about “removing” frames from the video? Since it’s an awards presentation video, I’ll end up adding end points for each award (starting and stopping lots of times, so about 30 end points). Is there a different way to “mark” a section of video, and then delete it?

Yes there is. It’s called splitting at playhead by pressing s on the keyboard. Select the portion you wish to delete, right click, remove.

Here is a great tutorial. This is the video that sold me on using Shotcut.
Shotcut - Tutorial part 2 - cutting, merging, adding audio

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THANK YOU!!! That is exactly what I want to do… :slight_smile:

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