Trim Zoom Video

I created an hour long Zoom video of a PowerPoint presentation that is only 96M in size. They are very efficient with storage at Zoom. I’d like to trim the beginning and ending presentation chatter away, which can be done in any video editor. The problem is that most video editors want to save/export the video which creates a HUGE video size, sometime larger that 1G. I understand that with Shotcut there is a way to trim the beginning and ending of the video and somehow save it without rendering it. In the end, the video should technically be less than 96M in size. How do I do this? Please keep in mind I don’t really know how to use Shotcut. I read on a forum somewhere that this is possible and am looking for some noob instructions. Thank you.

Properties > menu > Extract sub-clip.

If that does not work well, use the Export panel with one of the “presentation” presets.

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