Travel / Family videos made with Shotcut - Vimeo


I am just an amateur filmmaker using Shotcut once or twice per year to create my family vacation videos but I believe those three are worth sharing. No sophisticated transitions used just simple video/music editing.

By the way: are there more Vimeo users here?


I like the videos. nicely done - though I had to slow them down at the end to view the credits, which went by a little too quickly for me.

I’ve used vimeo for some time. I put some useful stuff on there about Shotcut, but most of the videos were before I started using this video editor.


Glad you like it! Credits are also in the description part of the videos.

J’aime beaucoup ce que vous réalisé.

J’aime aussi bien le montage que le cadrage

I really like what you realized.

I like editing as well as framing


Merci beaucoup!

I have been enjoying photography for almost 25 years that’s why I am truly glad you like the framing @Galipe.

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I practice the photo for 45 years :smiley:

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