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I see that the only way to get transparent titles in Shotcut is to import files with transparent backgrounds. I created a title in Power Point and set the background to 100% transparency and saved it as a .png file. When I import it and put it on the timeline on a track parallel to my main video track (2 and 1 respectively) it overwrites the video for the duration of the title frame with a white solid background.


It might be more of a Power Point question on how to make a transparent PNG, unfortunately I have no idea how that’s done with PP. Sounds like to me you don’t have a transparent PNG.

Here is a transparent PNG I just created with GIMP.

Placed on V2 in Shotcut.

Another way to create titles is to open a transparent clip and use the text filter to create titles. Or use the HTML overlay filter.

What you did will not work. The PNG will not have a transparent background. You can however achieve what you want in PowerPoint. See here:

Thanks for the help. I was able to use GIMP successfully. Would be nice to have transparent titles native to the program. One thing was strange - I kept getting an error message when I imported the .png file that it was not a valid file. After I clicked OK several times it imported and seemed to work.

Unless you’re trying to create a very elaborate title there is no need to use PowerPoint or any other third-party applications for titling with Shotcut.
Shotcuts filters are quite capable of creating very good title sequences. @jonray has demonstrated this many times.

2 Tracks 5 filters.

There is as @sauron had stated. I only responded to you thinking you may have wanted to use your already made up titles.

Click “Open Other”, then “Color”

For transparency, just hit “OK” (It’s already pre-selected)

It will appear as a black screen int he “Source” viewer tab, but it’s really “Transparent”.
Drag that to the timeline. Use the Text filter on that transparent clip.

You could always just add a text filter to V1 by itself, but it doesn’t give you that much flexibility as the transparent clip on V2 would.

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If you must use PowerPoint to create titles. A simple workaround would be to set a background color that is unique. Export the file. Open it in Shotcut, use Chroma key simple or advanced and use the color picker to pick the background color. That will make that color transparent.



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This looks like a great way to do titles but my UI seems to be different than the one you show. I don’t see the Open Other option at all. I am running version 2.4.3 and my UI looks like this:

You’re not using Shotcut.
Download Shotcut from here:

Very embarrassing, I was thinking I was on the openshot forum, which is what I have been using. I apologize to all those who have tried to help me. Have you tried both, and if so which do you prefer?

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Correct. The picture is from OpenShot!

@sauron Thanks this helped out a lot, been wondering how to do this…

Yeah I’m going to bookmark this one also. It’s funny that the original question was for an entirely different software by mistake, but this will be a useful thread to refer to. Thanks @Hudson555x and @sauron

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