Transparency problems whilst overlaying Text/videos

I’m Having issues overlaying, re-scaling and then cropping the video clips to have a transparent background to see the other video underneath.

  • I have put the cropping alpha channel to 0 and all other colour channels to 0.
  • properties of all video tracks to none (however i have been changing them around but nothing works

I am also having this issue with transparent PNG images. sometimes it works but if you move them on the timeline the background turns black or just plain old doesn’t work.

The blend mode for the video tracks should be set to over for compositing to work.

You have filters applied to all the video tracks.

Try disabling them and see if the overlay works.

Using rotate and scale and crop rectangle, with no changes to track blending mode.


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Unfortunately this has not resolved the issue still having the problem

You might have the same rotate and scale and the crop filter applied to both clips.
00017.mts on V5 and on 00017.mts right below it on V4.

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