Transparency problem

Transparency in shotcut does not seem to be working for me at all. When I import a transparent gif or png it appears with a black background.

Not only that but when I try to fade in a clip, it works fine until I check the “Adjust transparency instead of fade with black” box. Then suddenly the clip just jumps in with no fade.

I am using a new computer running Windows 10, and I am not sure the problem is strictly a Shotcut one, because when I open a transparent image in (my very old version of) Photoshop I get the same problem - solid black background instead of transparency. The thumbnail of a transparent image is correctly transparent on the desktop however.

I haven’t been able to find anything about this problem onlline. Doe anyone know if there is some setting that needs to be changed or something.

For Shotcut work this problem is pretty serious for me.

I’d start with updating your video card drivers.

Thank you so much for your help.

I tried updating the drivers. The result is a bit strange.

Transparency is now working fine in Photoshop but the problem remains exactly the same in Shotcut, both with transparent images and doing a transparent fade in/out.

On the fades, the little fade diagonals are there on the corner of the clip and when it is to/from black they work but when to/from transparent there is no fade effect.

It seems that Shotcut still can’t handle transparency even though Photoshop now can.

Edit: By way of a test I tried starting a new project and putting the transparent PNG into that. It had the same problem (though this is the same PNG that now works in Photoshop). I then tried a different one, which did work though a little glitchily. I tried putting it in the old project and it didn’t work at all.

It seems almost as if Shotcut is remembering what gave it tummy-ache before. I am now going to close Shotcut, restart the computer and try rebuilding the project from scratch.

I’ll let you know the result either way.

Again, thank you for your kind help.

Happy to report that after rebuilding the project everything seems to be in order. Thank you again!

…Great news! :+1: