Transitions with key frames leaving previous frame content in transition

When I am adding a transition to two consecutive frames it works perfectly. The second I try and add keyframes the transition doesn’t work.

For example, the transition is clearly working but the side edge is not transitioning and you can see the previous frame. Basically if the previous frame is larger than the next frame the remaining portion from the first frame doesn’t fade. It just snaps to gone and its very noticeable.

I think I’ve narrowed it down to only happening when going from a video file to a jpeg file. The same transition/scenario between two jpeg files seems to work just fine. The issue also seems to happen when the next image has black dead space on the edges.

That does not mean anything to me. “Keyframes” in Shotcut only control parameters of filters, but you have not stated any filter or parameters.

In any case, from the rest of your description, your images have different aspect ratios, and one of them does not fill the project output video frame. Normally a source that does not match the output video frame is automatically padded with black. If you added the Size, Position & Rotate filter to the image that does not fill the frame, then it makes the padding transparent by default. That is a feature, not a bug. If you want it opaque then you need to go into that filter and change the Background color. Make sure you change the Alpha channel value to 255 in the color dialog.

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