Transitions on split clips

I am noticing that if I split a clip and delete the 2nd portion, when I add a dissolve transition to the end of the remaining clip portion it usually displays frames from the split/deleted portion during the transition i.e. the “deleted” split portion is actually not fully deleted.



Hi @SomeVidGuy

One cause I can see for this is if you edit the length of the transition after you created it.
For example if you make the transition longer, Shotcut will take some of the deleted frames to compensate for the missing footage needed in the new transition length.

Interesting and thanks, that is very possibly what is happening. I am fitting vid clips to music transitions and have been adjusting clip speeds and lengths. I do notice that slowing down a 24fps clip with motion can look “jerky” so I won’t be doing that as much from now on.

Thanks again

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You’re welcome. Glad it solved your problem.

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