Transitions between clips

Is there any way to add a transition between two clips without truncating either one. If I overlap them to create a transition, it cuts off the audio narration that is a part of the clip.

You could create a track above your two clips and make something hide the entire screen at the moment the playhead switches from one clip to another. That way, you don’t lose a single frame of your clips.

It could be something that grows or moves.
In the example below, I created a big white rectangle rotated at 45°.
It moves from left to right and covers the entire screen at the intersection of the clips.
I reduced the opacity of the rectangle so you can see how it works.

Here’s the exported result

It’s very basic as you can see, but effective.
You can search overlay transitions on YouTube to get more ideas.
Lens flares used as overlay transitions can look quite nice.


Got tons:

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